Ecoliteracy Poem

I’ve watched you slowly grow,

Everyday more curious than the last

With eyes so big, you see everything the world has to offer

Sunlight excites you, playing in the leafs thrills you,

and the sight of other creatures leaves you in awe

You try to count all the stars, you wake up in the middle of the night to watch thunderstorms,

and you always take home the treasure you find along the shore

Fresh snowfalls leave you breathless, splashing in puddles amuses you,

and you effortlessly embrace each changing season

Your love and passion for nature is something to admire

You’re so innocent and so fascinated with the beauty of life

You know no negative environments and fear no outcomes,

You see the joy in mother earth

you want no harm to come to your world

and I wish for you to never see the harm we have already done

Never forget this love you have for the world,

for your beautiful, creative mind

holds the key for your world and dreams to become

a reality


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