CP #4 Eco-Identity


My creative journal represents a variety of environments that have influenced my eco-identity. For as long as I can remember, I have always had positive views of the outdoors, and some of my best memories have come from these special places. Analyzing my past experiences now has allowed me to further develop my understanding of how the environment has shaped my identity.

My first image represents the many camping trips I went on with my family over the summers. We travelled all around the states, and I vividly remember all the beautiful scenery and wildlife I was exposed to. These camps trips really sparked my interest about the science of the environment. Whether it was the formation of the Pictured Rocks along Lake Michigan, or the Hot Springs in Yellowstone, I was always passionate about learning about these places, and this heavily influenced my understanding of how different environments are created. These camping experiences also developed my love for animals. There is a wonderful sense of peace one feels while observing and admiring animals roam freely in their natural habitat, and this further contributed to my appreciation of nature.

My childhood days of backyard adventures, along with my recent journeys in Michigan have allowed me to understand the importance of exploring nature and grasping the meaning of referring to the world as one’s playground. I remember the countless hours I would spend with the neighborhood kids climbing tress, and the many breathtaking sights I witnessed on my Kayak escapades. I truly value the joy I have found in these places, and this has affected my daily actions to protect the environment, for I want my future kids and grandkids to be able to experience the joys all elements of nature has to offer just like I have.

The fourth image represents a rugby pitch, and everyday I am grateful for the traveling opportunities I have been given through this sport. Whether I am playing in the valleys of Quebec, or during a rainy day in Vitoria, travelling with rugby has allowed me to experience many different environments, and has greatly contributed to my overall admiration and personal connection I have to these places.

I really appreciate when Curthoys, Cuthbertson, & Clark (2012) stated that, “Storytelling is one way of sharing what it means to live in a particular place: its history, inhabitants, opportunities, challenges, rhythms, [and] ways of life…” (p.173). Throughout my storytelling of these places, I am able to look back and realize how much the person I am today has been influenced by these environments. I owe my love and respect for nature to the many opportunities I have been given, and I am thankful for how they have developed my sense of eco-identity.

Curthoys, L., Cuthbertson, B., & Clark, J. (2012). Community Story Circles: An Opportunity to Rethink the Epistemological Approach to Heritage Interpretive Planning. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 173-187.


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