What Makes a Good Student

According to Commonsense, a good student is one who sits quietly and patiently at their desk during lectures/teachings, memorizes knowledge and then reflects it on exams, does not ask unnecessary questions, and does not question or critique the information they are learning.

Not only does this image of a good student fail to recognize the various methods in which students learn best, but it also lacks diversity both culturally and individually. No two students are the same, and it is extremely unrealistic to think that all students can have one common belief of what it means to be a good student. Instead of viewing students through their individual strengths and passions, this good student image limits all students from utilizing their own creativity daily in the classroom.

Ultimately, I do not believe a description of a good student should exist. There are evidently elements that each student needs to be able to achieve, but all students should celebrate the diversity in the school, and various learning methods should be embraced and not in any way limit students from learning opportunities.



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