Who Really Influences Curriculums?

Typically, one would think that teacher’s would have the most influence on what knowledge goes into designing and producing curriculums, for they are the ones who utilize them everyday in classrooms, and they are the ones who get to first-hand experience the direct impacts, both positive and negative, that the curriculum has on their students.

In fact, because teachers work with a variety of students all consisting of different backgrounds and abilities, you would think that the knowledge on their experience with diversity and its relation to the curriculum would be absolutely crucial and necessary in creating a curriculum.

Additionally, one would think that the students, the ones, like teachers, who are actually the most affected by the curriculum, would have their opinions on the curriculum valued. It only makes sense that the people who reap the repercussions of the curriculum have a say in how it is designed.

In saying this, when it comes to creating these curriculums, who better to seek advice from than the people who are actually in schools every single day such as teachers and students?

Unfortunately, this is not reality.

Politics and the people who have power, like our government, have the greatest amount of influence on what information goes into our curriculums, even though they have not studied education at a high level.

Now, I am not saying that our government designed curriculums in Canada are all bad, but I do believe it is disappointing that such drastic, important decisions are made without consulting the real experts, and I hope this is something that is properly addressed in the near future.


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