Extending Knowledge to New Understandings

One of the valuable perspectives I have gained throughout this course is insuring that diversity and multicultural education will be key elements in my future classroom. This class has discussed a lot about incorporating all students cultural identities, histories, and beliefs into the environment, curriculum, and materials learned in class, but it has also made me wonder what can be achieved in schools for other minority groups. For instance, students with disabilities also need to have their beliefs present in the school setting, and there needs to more public awareness about improving inclusive education, which tends to be an issue that often get overlooked in society. Not only do adequate supports need to be available to students with disabilities, but teachers also need to make sure their classroom environment is truly inclusive, and allows all students opportunities to be successful in all their abilities, while still being challenged.

This class has really inspired new realizations within me, and I am grateful that my views and perspectives are always broadening. It is great that I am able to apply these understandings in this course to many aspects of my teaching development and experiences.


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