Little Bit About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is Payton, and I am currently in my third year of the education program at the University of Regina, specializing in middle years. I enjoy being a positive and enthusiastic person, and have a passion for playing sports, especially rugby, and spending time with animals!

Throughout this semester one of my goals is so gain confidence in my teaching abilities. As of right now, as excited as I am, I am also extremely nervous to start teaching! It is a wonderful, and important responsibility I hope to excel at. I know gaining confidence goes hand-in-hand with my second goal of learning how to teach. I feel I have a strong understanding of the various theories behind teaching, but I look forward to learning how to actually physically teach, and I plan to embrace every opportunity to do so.


My third goal is to continue broadening and challenging my current beleifs and perspectives. University has really changed my mind set and inspired me to think in new ways, and I want to continue this by learning and growing from the knowledge shared by my professors and classmates.


And that is a little bit about me 🙂




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