Pre-Internship Reflection – Intro Week

My first day of pre-internship was great! The coop teacher I am with is absolutely wonderful and was very welcoming to me and my partner. She is very interested in utilizing all sorts of different methods for teaching, and after discussing various teaching techniques we have been exposed to in our own program, she was more than willing to let us try new methods with her students. I could not be more grateful to have a coop who is as open and encouraging as she is, and I am glad I get to finally put into practice what I have been learning over the past three years here at the university.

Before we started our day, our coop went over the various needs and certain grade levels some of her students were at. This was a little overwhelming at first as lots of the students are at different levels of reading, math, writing etc. and some students have disabilities, so I was nervous to see how much she would have to modify her lessons to meet the needs of each of her students. Turns out it was not nearly as stressful as I thought it would be, and I really appreciated the subtle way she would “key-in” certain students and insure that everyone felt included and participated. Even more impressive, she did this all while still sticking within her designated time for each subject! I could tell she already knew her students quite well and adjusted lessons in order to set them up for the most successful  learning opportunities.

Our introductory lesson went really well! We had students blindly select a coloured pen from a bag and then based on what colour they selected they answered a designated question about themselves. It was a great way to get all the students talking and engaged in conversation and we were able to better develop our relationships with them. After each student had answered our questions, we opened up the floor for students to ask me and my partner anything they wanted to know about us. I was afraid that maybe they would find this lame and not really care.. but they were so into it and asked us so many great questions! I was so happy with their response, and it definitely increased my confidence!

Since there are so many different learning needs, for my next week, I really want to focus on numerous ways I can asses that all my students are actually engaged and learning from what I am teaching. I get this may be an impossible goal, as it will evidently be difficult to make sure all 29 students are following along, but I something I am going to strive for in my upcoming lessons.


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