Classroom Management

I found both blog posts to be quite insightful. I liked how they not only addressed the potential issues of having classroom management, but also actually provided valuable solutions and ideas to help improve this issue that would best benefit the students too. I think both ideas and ways of thinking are very helpful, but, ultimately, I do not see one of these methods working best for every single class you have, but rather that your methods of classroom management may vary based on which one best meets the needs of your students.

I really believe it is important as teachers to be open to all sorts of classroom management ideas, and be willing to try them out in order to see which ones may be most successful. I love the idea of having a respect rule, as most classrooms do, but I appreciated how the blog also discussed the importance of having a list of values under a rule. I find this really brings significant meaning and understanding to a rule, and allows students to truly embrace what a rule means to them in their school setting. It definitely is designed to prevent teachers from unintentionally setting their students up to fail. Additionally, I also think the Dojo idea could also be very successful in a classroom. In fact, I know of an elementary school teacher who utilizes this in their classroom and the results it has had on the students are absolutely amazing. The students are so engaged with it, and really value being respectful throughout their whole school day, as it is a huge deal for them to loose any points.

It is great to have various resources like these that provide teachers opportunities to learn and discover new ways of allowing students to be most successfully. As I previously stated, the best method of classroom management will depend on the students in your class, so it is evidently beneficial to be equipped with as many tools and resources as possible to best meet the needs of your students.


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