Museum Visit

For planning a visit to the Museum with my middle years students, I am not sure if I would use the student work sheets from the museum, because as we experienced, focusing on specific questions take away from the overall concept of a museum. There is definitely useful information on these sheets, but I would have my students discover this knowledge in other ways.

I like the idea of having students go through the exhibits individually observing and recording what they like and found interesting. After this, I would have the students go through again, this time critiquing and analyzing the exhibits and problematizing specific items. I feel students would come up with many different ideas and opinions, which would create a great learning environment for the whole class and encourage different ways of knowing and understanding.

Evidently, treaty outcomes and indicators could easily be used during this experience. One could focus on Aboriginal languages in the museum, or even directly examine the “Treaty” section of the museum, and discuss if the museums representation matches the students understandings of treaty education. This could lead to various activities or even a group inquiry project.


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