Lesson Development Process

This lesson development process was very interesting. I have always valued the importance of well designed, detailed lesson plans, and as this exercise only further emphasized that to achieve this desired goal takes time and practice! I wish we would have done this activity early in the semester, as it would have been helpful for all the lesson plans we have spent time creating previously for our fieldwork placements!

This exercise really showed me the importance of helping each other out as educators and using each other as valuable resources. For instance, collaborating with a group of people provides an opportunity for many diverse opinions and new ideas and perspectives.When you get the chance to incorporate numerous funds of knowledge into a lesson plan, not only does this add beneficial enrichment to the overall lessons being developed, but it also adds so many more learning possibilities and opportunities for the students.

What I found challenging was just how specific we had to go into some of the modified indicators as a class. The more we looked at and analyzed them, the more detail and prior knowledge or lessons we realized could also be in place. I guess modified indicators can always be improved, but I think that just focusing on the modified indicator is perhaps not the greatest way to judge the value of a whole lesson on. Evidently that part is crucial, but I feel the other parts of the lesson plan, such as the essential questions, and the I can statements, really further add to the value of the modified indicator,  and allow one to better understand the overall meaning of the modified indicator. After all, you would never expect a lesson to be taught of just one modified indictor: its all the all details and knowledge with that indicator that make a lesson teachable.


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