ECS 311 – Post Convo Response

Following my conversation with Mike, I have gained some valuable resources and knowledge that will help me overcome the barriers I have with learning about Inuit culture. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have very little information and resources provided to me throughout my schooling on Inuit culture, which is some I am very interested in exploring and learning more about. I really desire to incorporate Inuit culture into my future classrooms, but have not had the knowledge nor the confidence to properly do so. Mike was able to provide me with two resources on the spot (two books) and we discussed various ways these could be used and discussed in the classroom. I found this incredibly useful, as what I have been needing to further my treaty education journey is concrete resources I can use with my students and ways I can successfully apply them.

Furthermore, I understand the reasoning why resources and information on Inuit peoples and culture is harder to come by. Since, typically, Inuit communities consist of a smaller population in significantly more secluded areas of Canada, begin able to experience their culture and have the opportunities to talk to and learn from people in that community becomes significantly more challenging. I have been very fortunate to have received opportunities to speak with and learn from First Nations elders and knowledge keepers in my community, and because I have found these experiences to be incredibly beneficial and educational to my personal development as an educator, I am even more motivated and excited to keep seeking ways I can have these experiences with people who are apart of Inuit culture, and I look forward to continuing to learn how I will incorporate these ways of thinking into my classroom.


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