Pre-Internship Reflection

My pre-internship experience was absolutely incredible. I was very fortunate to be paired with an amazing and inspiring teacher as she encouraged and supported all of my lesson and unit plan ideas, and was excited to be apart of this experience with me. Not only did I learn a lot from my coop and the way she teaches, but I also learned a lot by having the opportunity to put my lesson plan ideas to the test, and see how they play out with real students

One of the worries I had going into pre-internship was how I would handle the classroom management. I believe that one of the best ways to have successful classroom management is by having strong, personal relationships with your students. This is something I really value, but because as a pre-intern we are only in the school for three weeks, I was unsure if I would be able to successfully build relationships with all the students. However, one of the most pleasant surprises of this whole experience was how quickly I build relationships with the students! Getting to be with the students and helping out with their day was really beneficial and was what allowed me to make connections with the students so quickly. Within the first few days, I already felt comfortable with a handful of students, and as I continued to build more relationships with the students, not only did it enhance my lessons, but it made teaching so much fun! Being on a level with your students where they are comfortable to ask you any questions and know that you genuinely care about their learning experiences is wonderful. As our relationships continued to develop, I noticed the students were asking questions more often and class discussion became much more enriched and meaningful. My worries about classroom development totally disappeared! This proved to me that when I am engaged with the students and excited about their learning, they are too.

Additionally, for the last four days of my pre-internship experience, I was able to teach the students the Metis Red River Jig. I was definitely a little bit nervous to teach this as I am not much of a dancer and I had to spent a lot of time researching and rehearsing all the steps so I could successfully teach my students, but wow did the kids love it! They were extremely engaged in all of the dancing, and enjoyed learning more about Metis culture. I am very grateful I took a chance out of my comfort zone by teaching dance, and am I glad I was able to incorporate treaty education in my pre-interhsip experience.


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