Museum Visit

For planning a visit to the Museum with my middle years students, I am not sure if I would use the student work sheets from the museum, because as we experienced, focusing on specific questions take away from the overall concept of a museum. There is definitely useful information on these sheets, but I would … More Museum Visit

Extending Knowledge to New Understandings

One of the valuable perspectives I have gained throughout this course is insuring that diversity and multicultural education will be key elements in my future classroom. This class has discussed a lot about incorporating all students cultural identities, histories, and beliefs into the environment, curriculum, and materials learned in class, but it has also made … More Extending Knowledge to New Understandings

Importance of Diversity & Treaty Education

I strongly value the importance of celebrating and embracing diversity in classrooms. Every student evidently posses their own unique identity, and the variety of their beliefs, values, and histories should all be present and taught within the class environment. Living in Canada currently, because of our history, there is now more than ever a need … More Importance of Diversity & Treaty Education